Our skin requires a wide variety of things to remain at its best. To have a healthy skin, your diet, lifestyle, products you use and many others play a big part.  Using the best vitamin C serum for face and hands are significant because it works as a fluid expert. The serums have smaller particles than the moisturizers meaning they go through deep into the skin and distribute all the goodness. Vitamin C is a proven antioxidant that supports the reconstruction of collagen and any other tissues in the body; it also aids in reversing sun harm and sun acne. Research did actually show that Vitamin C helps to reduce aging. Dermatologists recognize that Vitamin C is not only a great eye serum; it works effectively in reducing wrinkles on the face. Your skin consists of 75 percent collagen. For example, when you have a deficiency of vitamin C, scurvy starts to grow, that is the failure to produce collagen. The effects of this are seen when teeth start to fall, skin and joining tissues break down meaning that organs in your body begin to fall one by one. In simple terms, you die. Because of this fundamental connection involving collagen development (slows considerably with age) and vitamin C, it was found to benefit the skin.