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Angel Construction and Foundation Repair offers the best home foundation repair for property owners in Missouri City, TX and surrounding areas.

House Leveling Expert – Angel's company has over ten years experience helping residential and commercial customers fix their foundation problems. He offers a lifetime warranty on all his piers. References are available upon request. He's a member of the BBB.

Zip Cod areas covered: 77035, 77071, 77085, 77459, 77469, 77477, 77479, 77489, 77545, 77583

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Welcome to our first Google Hangouts on Air Broadcast for Angel Construction and Foundation Repair. We're excited to start sharing valuable information to help inform homeowners on what to look for if they suspect possible foundation problems. There are a number of signs that will be apparent around the home if you're home is in need of house leveling or foundation repair.

Free Foundation Repair Estimates in Missouri City Texas.

Cracks, separation in your brick siding, doors sticking or not staying closed, uneven floors and the list goes on. We strongly suggest you contact a local foundation repair professional and/or a structural engineer experienced with residential foundation problems.

Find out what's going on with your home's foundation before you start making investments in any sort of home improvement. If you end up completing the home improvement projects then later make the foundation repairs. You may find you'll have to make additional repairs after the foundation repair has been completed.

We repair all types of home foundation: slab, concrete, pier and beam, block & base, cinder blocks, house leveling, mobile home leveling, and more. We offer warranty on our foundation repair. Ask about the details.

Residential Foundation Repair for homes in Missouri City, Fort Bend and Harris Counties, Stafford, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Richmond and the surrounding Houston areas. Zip codes (not limited to the following): 77035, 77071, 77085, 77459, 77489

To learn more about foundation repair or to schedule a free estimate. Call Angel Construction and Foundation Repair at 713-487-9992 today.

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Allied Foundation is a class outfit. The owner Richard Pacheco which is a man of quality and integrity has built a reputation based on affordable price, award winning service and one day foundation repair completions.

Since 1982, Allied Foundation Repair has always been about quality of work coupled with decades of experience. Once you select Allied Foundation Repair Specialists we will handle the rest.

With over 40,000 homes repaired in the Houston area, Allied Foundation is redefining the foundation repair industry. Since 1982, our company has built a solid reputation based on affordable prices, award winning services and repairing Houston homes' foundations in one-day. Our goal is to set a standard of not being the biggest but the best foundation repair company in the Greater Houston area.

• Rock Bottom Prices
• Lifetime Transferrable Warranty
• Fully Insured
• Award Winning Service
• Accredited Member BBB
• Family Owned Since 1982

We Offer:

• Foundation Repair Services
• House Leveling Services
• Sewer Repair Services
• Under Slab Leak Detection Services
• Root Barriers Services

Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives today and schedule a FREE EVALUATION of your foundation.

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Baytown Foundation Repair provides solutions for people with foundation problems and present superior level of customer service possible.

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The Never Before Told Story on Houston Foundation Repair That You Need to Read

Hiring a foundation repair company for a cracked slab can be one of the best investments you can make for your home.  Typically a company will come out to the home and assess the property for damages.  When they have completed their inspection they'll eventually provide you with a report of their findings, along with estimates for the price of repair.

The report will show typical repairs plus a range of costs connected with each repair method.  It's important to select an experienced foundation repair expert.  You'll want an expert who knows what they're doing.  Then get three or more bids from other foundation repair companies as a second opinion if nothing more.

The foundation repair specialists will work hard to provide you the best results. It is a well-researched industry and there are many methods and products that will help to make permanent and successful foundation repairs. In Texas, Houston Foundation repair is probably one of the most expensive home repair services you can obtain.   It can easily turn out to be the most expensive repair that one will make to a property.

Houston foundation repair staffJust be careful when paying the firm upfront.  Many will stagger payment by having you pay for partial payment upfront and then the rest midway through the work and the final payment upon completion of the job.

Try to inspect all the work before issuing final payment.  On the contractors end, making sure the correct pier and equipment is used for the job is essential toward the sucess of the quoted work. Once they've determined the reason for the damage along with the method of repair which is best suited for your own home, its time to hire the experienced foundation repair contractor.

Remember a good Foundation repair Houston company has to be competent and provide the right solution for fixing a damaged slab in your house. Most house owners do not know the house foundation has to be routinely checked as even tiny cracks can cause formidable problems at an ensuing stage.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Houston Texas

Some of the best kitchen remodeling are done by the small custom home remodeling companies.  One such company is a Houston based firm below:

Call our kitchen remodeling contractors of Houston Texas.

We have experts available to assist:

Call Us At: 832-532-6655 Today!

We provide FREE quotes at no obligation.

Whether you’re looking to remodel a few kitchen cabinets or the whole kitchen sink, we can help with any remodeling project you require.

Our staff are professional and always happy to help take care of your home improvement needs.

Give us a call if you’re looking for new kitchen counter tops, rebuilding cabinets, kitchen flooring, lightings or re-arranging your entire kitchen to give it a brand new look or theme.

Call Now At: 832-532-6655 – Our friendly operators look forward to helping get you started today.

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They specialize in kitchen remodeling, custom home remodeling and are a custom homes builder in Houston. They cover the surrounding areas of Magnolia as well as the Woodlands. Organizations such as NARI advise to plan projects well and to do so with reputable home remodeling contractors.

Foundation Repair Fort Bend Location

The following is was taken from from E Houston Foundation Repair :

Our Fort Bend foundation repair location offers excellent masonry and concrete repair.  Fort Bend is a county in Texas. It is an old county founded in 1837 therefore has some old buildings which once in while require foundation repairs.

The county like most others in US is built on ground with expansive clay soils that develop deep cracks during dry weather.  An increase in seasonal moisture extends the cracks significantly making upper portion of soil column to develop shrink/swell behavior. When moisture induced swelling increases, expansive soils will uplift causing foundation damage.

Today good foundation repair companies are difficult to find.  Some of the best ones are also the oldest ones who have grown with the different types of concrete and slab repair.

Organizations such as the NFRA help to maintain a high level of ethical standards in the foundation repair industry.

Houston Foundation and Slab Repair


We made the mistake of having our home builders plant two oak trees in front of our new house a few years ago. Eight years have passed and the oak trees that were no taller than the height of our front door have now grown taller than the double story home we live in.

The oak trees look great and provide good shelter during the summer season, however the roots are out of control. We can see the roots of the oak tree above the ground now, even visible above the grass. It has caused damage to our concrete sidewalk and left cracks around the front of our house. Our foundation is definitely on the way to being ruined at this stage.

We did some research and found a few foundation repair companies in the Houston and Sugar Land area where we live in. E Houston Foundation Repair, Dawson Foundation Repair, Atlas Foundation Repair and AAA Foundation Service. We chose to go with E Houston Foundation Repair for their years of experience and expertise especially in slab repair.

They are scheduled to visit us for a full assessment. Since we could not meet with their representative during the week, they were kind enough to schedule a visit this weekend. They did provide us an estimated quote based on the square footage of our house and pics of the damage sent in. It will be a relief to have our sidewalk and home foundation repaired.