For many of us, our pets are like our children.   They are our most loyal companions and we like to treat them as such.  During the summer, especially under warm humid conditions, pets can get attacked by fleas.  If untreated, the fleas can breed and get out of control, harming both our pets as well as spreading disease not only to them but also to us.

If you have a cat, one of the best cat flea treatments you can purchase is a brand called Comfortis. You feed your cats the best brand cat food.  You take them to the best vets, you pamper them with toys, so why not take the same care in the kind of flea medicine you use to protect your pets health.  Purchasing Comfortis for cats is one of the best acts of love you can provide your feline friend.  Associations such as TICA ( would surely appreciate how you treat your pet.