goldsboro north carolinaGoldsboro is a town and the county seat of Wayne County, North Carolina. The population was 35,436 at the 2021 Census. It is the largest city of all that is in the Goldsboro area and is situated in the former Goldsboro area of the city. The name Goldsboro was given because it was the discovered gold found there by prospectors in the late 1800's.

The first part of Goldsboro's history is interesting enough. Thomas Edison owned a saw mill on the Creek near Goldsboro. The saw mills have been built to this

day. A trip down to the historic Goldsboro City Cemetery will reveal the former homes of many famous people in both the United States and in England.

Many notable personalities lived in Goldsboro. William Ford took his Model A car from Goldsboro to North Carolina. Two of the very first major electrical companies in the United States got their start in Goldsboro. And the city of North Carolina itself was the home of two former U.S. Presidents.

Today Goldsboro is North Carolina's southernmost city, with its long coastline and small lot sizes. It has a lot going for it. The city is about a three hour drive from Raleigh is about a three hour drive from Charlotte, NC.

There are several historical sites in Goldsboro to see. The Goldsboro Art Museum is located on the River Road. This museum is in the process of adding the third floor to the building. The Museum hosts many events each year that bring in visitors from around the United States and beyond.

The best-known historical site in Goldsboro would have to be Sealy's Goldsboro Plantation. Sealy opened the Goldsboro Plantation in 1875. It was the first major cotton manufacturing facility in the state at that time. Located on 8 acres Sealy built the original buildings and even had an observatory in one part of the property.

The Sealy Goldsboro Plantation closed in 1973 but later opened a new hotel. That hotel is still in operation today. The Sealy Goldsboro Lanes is a popular bowling alley. Other historical sites in Goldsboro include the Sealy Old Market House, Sealy Steel Company, Sealy Plaza, the former Sealy City Hall, and the Sealy Motor Company Historical Park.

North of Goldsboro you will find the Union General Building. The Union General is North Carolina's tallest building and was designed by renowned architect Peter Secker. When it was built it was the tallest steel building in the world. The Union General has two hotels inside it. One is an official hotel of the Union General and the other a historic landmark that attracts hundreds of visitors each day.

The largest city in north Carolina is Raleigh. It is a booming metropolitan area with a lot of things to do. There are a variety of cultural attractions such as the Raleigh Symphony, the Wake-Upton Opera House, and the University of North Carolina. The western part of goldsboro is known as the “Goldsboro Plains.”

Many famous personalities have lived in the small city of Goldsboro including President Ulysses S. Grant. A few of the notable individuals that settled in the area include former President Theodore Roosevelt, actor Woodrow Wilson, and entertainers such as Jelly Roll Morton. You can find North Carolina's public elementary school in the middle school zone of Goldsboro.

Goldsboro is also home to the only United States Air Force base in north Carolina. The U.S. Air Force activated the Goldsboro Air Force Base on April 13, 1945. The base serves a variety of purposes including aircraft maintenance, storage, and other miscellaneous operations. The U.S. Air Force has used the Goldsboro Air Force Base for its helicopter training since its inception. It was the first base in the state of North Carolina to receive this training.

The Seymour Johnson air force base is only about a two hour drive from Goldsboro. There are a variety of convenient locations nearby including the Goldsboro airport, The Goldsboro State Park, and other attractions. There are many restaurants, stores, and shops in the area. As you can see, there is a lot to do in goldsboro. Come visit some of the interesting sites on our website.