A double-review for you!
Getting up close and personal with the Leatherotics 1811 satin underbust corset and an anonymously made satin corset ordered from China via Ebay. I've been receiving many questions about how Leatherotics compares to other inexpensive or “budget” corsets; some clients don't trust the quality that they are getting because of the price. My conclusion is that you get what you pay for. If you buy a corset, you will get of quality. If you buy a corset, you will get of quality.

Here is the link to Leatherotics 1811 corset:

The red corset is one of the best quality “budget” corsets I've found on Ebay, boasting non-stretch fabric, waist tape and all steel boning. Here is the link:

This review has not been solicited (I wasn't paid for it and I reviewed this of my own volition). I purchased this corset.