I started fishing when I was a little kid off the beaches of Singapore.  Back then it was as simple as taking a spool of string, tying a hook to the end and hand casting.  No rods, not fancy tackle, just a spool of fishing line and a hook.  Today, I typically fish off the pier.  I usually go to Madagorda or Galveston.  Both have piers, Madagorda is free, Galveston, you have to pay for access.

Recently, a friend introduced me to party boat fishing.  I contact a fishing charter, I gather my friends and we all schedule for a fun day fishing at Galveston.  I always make sure the captain of the ship is competent with many years of experience and happy customers.

Captain Mike at Get Bent Galveston was very accomodating.  He took his time in explaining the rules and what was to be expected on the trip.  After the briefing, we were very excited to be on our way to our very first fishing charters expedition.

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