Gardeners World – The Science of Gardening

Carol Klein invites us into her garden to unearth the science beneath the muck and magic of gardening.

Carol has been a passionate gardener for over 30 years and, like many gardeners, she's fascinated by what's going on at a deeper level when it comes to her plants. So, Carol turns her beloved garden into a living laboratory and plays host to scientific experts who help her to explore, analyse and observe her soil, compost, seeds, weather, leaves, and flowers.

Carol asks the questions to which many gardeners want answers: Why don't my seeds germinate? How does compost work? What is photosynthesis and why is it important? What happens when we prune a plant? How do insects see flowers? And how can I work out which plants should go where in my garden?

Carol shows that by understanding the science behind gardening, we can all become better gardeners and grow more beautiful and more bountiful gardens.