Buying gold is one of the best investments you can make today. One of the hottest things to do today is to invest in the gold markets.

After all, gold has surged to a peak in price history as it never has before. Jim Rogers, one of the hottest investors around speaks of future investments and his recommendation is to buy gold and silver.  Precious metals have become a prized commodity with the weakening of most currencies across the globe.  Is this trend going to slow down anytime soon?  More than likely not as you see gold prices continue to soar while the value of currency begins to tank.

So should you invest in gold commodities or actually stock up on the physical delivered items such as gold coins or gold bars? The answer is do both.  Investing in gold commodity will allow you liquidity in exchanging the gold commodity back into currency and allowing physical deliver of gold will allow you a longer term status. In any case, buying gold today is an extremely lucrative venture you will not want to miss.


Jim Rogers Discusses At What Price You Should Start Buying Gold – May 2013.