We made the mistake of having our home builders plant two oak trees in front of our new house a few years ago. Eight years have passed and the oak trees that were no taller than the height of our front door have now grown taller than the double story home we live in.

The oak trees look great and provide good shelter during the summer season, however the roots are out of control. We can see the roots of the oak tree above the ground now, even visible above the grass. It has caused damage to our concrete sidewalk and left cracks around the front of our house. Our foundation is definitely on the way to being ruined at this stage.

We did some research and found a few foundation repair companies in the Houston and Sugar Land area where we live in. E Houston Foundation Repair, Dawson Foundation Repair, Atlas Foundation Repair and AAA Foundation Service. We chose to go with E Houston Foundation Repair for their years of experience and expertise especially in slab repair.

They are scheduled to visit us for a full assessment. Since we could not meet with their representative during the week, they were kind enough to schedule a visit this weekend. They did provide us an estimated quote based on the square footage of our house and pics of the damage sent in. It will be a relief to have our sidewalk and home foundation repaired.