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Bell Bottom Piers – Highest Quality and Highest Cost of Foundation Repair

You can always find cheaper options but doesn't your home deserve a Permanent, Proven, and Time-Tested foundation repair method. After all, your home is probably the most valuable asset you own.

As with most things in life, “You Get What You Pay For” and that is certainly true when you compare the various foundation repair methods.

Below is a brief summary of the QUALITY you purchase when you install Bell Bottom Piers to support your home's foundation.

1) Permanent – will last the lifetime of your home
2) Proven – studied, recommended, and proven in the “field”
3) Time-Tested – the first Bell Bottom Piers were “invented” or developed in Texas in 1916
4) One-piece construction – solid and stable; more concrete, more steel rebar, more labor, and more time required for construction
5) Steel Reinforcement – steel rebar adds additional strength
6) Load Capacity – approximately 4 times greater than cheaper methods
7) Verification – the location and dimensions of the excavated cavity can be measured and verified for correctness prior to the concrete pour

We have over 500 online testimonials. We have numerous engineering articles, studies, and opinions on our website.

The Bell Bottom Pier method is the ONLY foundation repair method discussed as a repair method in the Katy Building Codes. Isn't your home worth it?

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