spray polyurethane foam for roofThe structure of Houston, Texas is one of unique and scenic. Because of its incredible architecture and classic lines, Houston has become a renowned city to explore. One thing that sets Houston apart from other cities is the fact that it was built to be an insurance market.

When it was built, insurance was not a competitive business. Houston realized this problem and began to develop a market in insurance. It found that there were many people who wanted to protect their assets and properties from accidents or catastrophes. At the same time, insurance companies became concerned about the risks of the business and were reluctant to invest in new business ventures.

Therefore, the insurance market began to dry up and insurance companies moved out of the city. Houston, however, was not completely left out of the insurance business. After a few years, some major insurance companies moved into the city and opened new offices.

In this business environment, one very important business concern was temperature control. Because of the risk of flooding in the area, many people considered Houston to be one of the most desirable locations for insurance transactions. Because of this, Houston made it a priority to construct structures that would resist extreme weather conditions.

The first thing that the city did was to build fire doors to form steel buildings. These buildings were needed to keep the heat inside of them from escaping out into the streets. The use of fire doors solved a problem that was hindering business.

Fire doors were constructed of steel plates and had a heavy door that could hold up against the extreme heat from a fire. The reason these doors were so strong was that they were constructed of thick gauge steel plates covered with a thermal insulation material.

Buildings that were constructed by the insurance companies still needed something to protect the concrete from snow and ice. The best way to do this was to utilize the method of spray foam insulation.

In these times before air-conditioning systems, Houston was forced to use these types of systems to control the amount of heat in the building. Spray foam insulation is the most effective form of insulation that has ever been developed.

The foam insulation that was used in spray foam insulation was primarily sprayed on the walls and ceiling to create a barrier against heat. Since the walls of a building contain the most heat, it is a good idea to coat them as well. If the wall can be sprayed, then the sprayed foam should be poured into the mold.

Once the sprayed foam was poured and dried, it was then covered with a thermal barrier to stop heat from escaping the building. With a thermal barrier in place, the building would remain cool even when the outside temperature was extremely hot.

Heat rises and when the building is closed up, the heat is trapped. Because of this, the heat cannot enter the building and therefore the temperature inside remains much cooler than the outside temperature. This was beneficial to the insurance companies since they wanted a cooler building.

The cost of installing this type of insulation and the materials needed to construct it made the building more expensive than the insulating material that was already in the building. This added cost did not deter the building contractors from using it though. It would be cost effective for them to use the spray foam insulation instead of the original thermal panel that was already in place. Companies that deal with spray foam insulation like Iceberg Insulation can take care of your insulation needs.