My eldest son of 5 had a blast at his last birthday party.  We invited all his friends as well as ours.  For the party, we made sure to that we bought his favorite birthday cake, the kind of toys he was interested in and a bounce house that we rented from a local Houston vendor.

Apart from the delicious deserts and food that my wife and mom made, I have to say that the bounce house itself was simply the life of the party.  We had about 20 kids who were fascinated by this moonwalk.  It was a giant blue moonwalk with an indoor baskeball court as well as a giant slide that allowed the kids to run out from the basketball court and onto the slide that led them down the bounce house.  It was great fun and the best part is that it only cost us a very minimal fee for the day.

We liked it so much that on our youngest son's birthday, we are sure to rent another bounce house.  There are several bounce house vendors in town.  If you scout around, you will find some pretty interesting type of bounce houses, from castles, to football stadiums to giant water slides.  Prior to this, I never really knew what moonwalks were, but now I know that a moonwalk and a bounce house are two of the same things, just known by different names.