My dad was a chain smoker who smoked nearly 2 cartons of cigarettes a week.  It took a toll on not only his wallet, but eventually his life.  Smoking not only affected his lungs, but it also opened the doors to other diseases such as heart failure by the time he turned 70.

We lost dad during that time to a series of diseases that all started with cigarette smoking.  He did quit 11 years earlier however, unfortunately it was too late by then and other health issues had arised.

If I knew a way for him to stop smoking earlier via hypnosis, I would have at least had him try it.  At the time, I didn't know you could use hypnosis to break bad habits.  However my dad was a stubborn man, set in his ways.  He gave up cigarettes when my sister told him that she would not bring her newborn to see him because of all the unhealthy sidestream smoke.

Reference:  Houston Hypnosis