It seems that everyone is talking about how bad the economy has gotten over the past several years.  In recent talk in the real estate industry however, we've seen an increase in home sales as well as an increase in home buying.  Typically in a down economy, sales prices on homes are lowered, but it seems the value of residential homes today are on the rise and it seems that buying has not slowed down.

Searching across the U.S., there seems to be a surge of home sales in the Tallahassee Real Estate market as of late.  Looking at the statistics in that area shows a percent rise from the previous months.

Here in Houston, in my own neighborhood, I'm seeing alot of for sale signs disappear as homes are being snatched up left and right by hungry home buyers, many of whom are recognizing the rising costs of homes and are jumping to get in while prices are still affordable.

We purchased our home in 2003 and 10 years later, our property value despite the downed economy has risen slowly but surely.  Also construction around our neighborhood has increased significantly in the past few years.  We now have two major freeways built around our neighborhood and we also have new subdivisions opening up and being sold as fast as home builders can build them.

You would think that Houston and Tallahassee were in direct competition.  I was looking through Craigs List for real estate sales and saw a lot of local listings in the Houston directory listings for Tallahassee Homes for Sale.  I found it odd that homes for sale in Tallahassee Fl of all places would show up in the Houston Craig's list listings.  I'm guessing its a realtor advertising across the country.

This just goes to show you that some cities are hustling to get the word out on home sales across the country.  I may have to check it out as its a good sign when home sales are advertised cross country for a single city in the Florida area.


Home for sale in TALLAHASSEE, FL 115000 USD Three bedrooms two baths located in the northeast side of Tallahassee in the well established community of kille…