Money Robot Review – Is It Better Than GSA Search Engine Ranker or Senuke TNG?  It is an excellent tool for back linking with high quality web2.0 links, social media and social signals.  It comes built in with proxies and has its own drip feed indexer as well.

The back link submitter is easy to use and will help you rank nearly any site to the top of google.  If you're serious about SEO, then this is the tool you need to get for your search engine optimization link building arsenal.

The money robot not only helps boost money sites, but it also has a video ranker and a social media tool built in. Not only that, you now have the ability to create a cluster of relevant blogs by a cool grouping feature.

The money robot has a built in diagram editor that allows you to build senuke style diagrams however, the one's that come with this software are more powerful in the fact you can also build links backward and forward.  Senuke's link building tool was only a straight hierarchical tool.  Even the backlink king GSA submitter, doesn't seem to hold a candle to this beast of an seo ranking machine.

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