It's crucial to remember that wear is contingent on the bushing material rather than wall thickness. And remember that leading manufacturers are constantly developing new plastic formulations which minimize wear and supply long-lasting, maintenance-free functionality.

Fit, form and function that is what Excel ensures in every replacement part we provide. Our Quality Assurance Department scrutinizes every measurement together with exacting tolerances to be sure your part is ideal in every way, giving your performance an incredible price. Less expensive than the OEM and the highest quality in the business sounds too good to be true, doesnt it There are a number of reasons that Excel is your best option, but here are four compelling facts that make our bushings Only the Best! .

Maximum Tin Content Makes Our Bushings Stronger. So as to maximize electrical strength, Excel frees our crusher bronze into the top end of this CDA specification for tin. Tougher bushings imply less down time and fewer replacement bicycles. Tin has become the most expensive part in the metallurgy of crusher bronze alloys.

We use the most proportion of tin to boost your bottom line. Theres a difference you can bank on! .

Particular Chilling Process Stops Migration Our foundry uses a distinctive frightening procedure which guarantees even dispersion of lead throughout the casting. Conventional foundry molding techniques permit uneven, non-directional cooling system that can cause lead migration. Much dispersion of direct offers constant lubricity and heat dissipation that increase bushing life and decrease unexpected failure.

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The tiny things make a significant impact in the long term. .

Extensive investment in our own gear, our clients and our process gives Excel many unique capabilities. Employing this technology ensures absolute concentricity.

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The purity of our raw materials, coupled with controlled, directional solidification during the casting procedure makes a tighter, denser grain structure in our metals while eliminating 99.9% of the gas pockets that produce porosity. The ethics of Excels grain construction along with the purity of the alloys ensure powerful, long-lasting replacement parts. .

Excel also generates bronze substitute elements specifically tailored to marine, heavy-work applications. Whether youre searching for replacement rudder bearings or stern tube bearings or sleeves, Excel can supply an application-specific bushing to fit your vessel. can handle offshore, coastal, and inland sea operations in a variety of aquatic states and qualities.

Bronze Bushings Fundamentals Explained

We carry a full selection of plain bearings in raw and finished form in metals, plastics and composites. Should you require help with an application we've got a staff of trained sales engineers prepared to help. When it is not within our storefront, just drop an email to or telephone toll-free: 800.327.7424 We are here to assist 8-5, M-F CST.