Arguably more important than the machine itself is the match with your office workflow and procedures. Having a system that can be seamlessly integrated with your processes can be a huge advantage, and now there are quite a few CRMs being developed especially to fit the needs of mortgage pros. And while Floify isn't itself a mortgage CRM, we know a thing or 2 about mortgage technology and how the various pieces must fit together to satisfy the requirements of the mutual clients mortgage loan originators. Gone are the times of a very simple customer database. Unify CRM of these systems give the sort of contact management that a progressive mortgage office would need, almost as an afterthought.

The Mortgage Crm Ideas

These options are stepping their game up with a great deal of mortgage-specific marketing and sales automation juice which could enable a mortgage office to automate many common processes around things such as trickle marketing, direct distribution, and reporting. For the mortgage lending business, there are numerous accessible mortgage CRM systems which are either firmly entrenched or growing in popularity. . Jungo has really proven itself as a force to be reckoned with at the market, particularly for anyone who have a massive client base to manage. The application builds on top of the widely-popular Salesforce CRM to offer the customizations craved by lenders. What this means is that you are really using Salesforce, however, the accession of this Jungo Mortgage Program module layers that the mortgage-specific functionality, articles, and workflows that a LO would want/need along with that robust platform. . Salesforce is one of the largest software companies in the world with one of the very well-known CRMs to ever exist. That suggests that the foundation that Jungo is constructed upon is incredibly secure from the technical and business perspectives.

Mortgage Crm Fundamentals Explained

Even the Salesforce CRM, and by extension Jungo, are extremely flexible and customizable. Its not always the simplest process and can be downright frustrating from time to time, but the base is there to construct just about whatever you want from custom data fields to automatic processes and reporting. There is a tremendous amount of performance and customizations that need effort and time to configure and receive dialed-in. BUT all of that power comes at a modest cost. The Jungo Mortgage App is recorded in the Salesforce App Exchange for about $90 per user, per month, which comprises the Salesforce license. Jungos best fit is in the tech stack of a high making loan officer or branch that has tens of thousands of contacts, customers, and partners to handle.

Mortgage Crm Can Be Fun For Anyone

. Along with the CRM functionality, MLO Shift employs Active Campaigns existing marketing automation software and combines them with solutions like the MLO Pages landing page strategy to create a potent marketing automation toolset. Were talking website and event monitoring, lead scoring, landing pages, types, and much more. You may need a digital marketer if you wished to genuinely optimize those attributes, BUT YOU COULD! . Even without using these advanced capacities, theres loads in here to your loan originator to relish.

Getting My Mortgage Crm To Work

Like most systems, there are a few pieces of the mystery that not everyone will agree with. As an example, MLO Shift offers no more LOS integrations and also doesnt apologize for it (there is an explanation for why they chose to go that path within their FAQ section). There isnt as much emphasis put on post-close campaigns like in different systems, although workflow automations might be created for all these campaigns. .
Among the more unique aspects of MLO Shift is that their pricing structure. There are no contracts. With that type of pricing structure and innovative capabilities, it is possible to observe how a small-to-medium sized origination team would be able to create a ton of unneeded value with MLO Shift, though a single LO or group of two will be spending more per user than with several other alternatives. . Shape Software combines the functionality of a CRM with advertising and sales automation features to produce a highly effective platform capable of serving a number of industries. Unlike other industry-agnostic approaches, however, Shape transforms to some full size mortgage CRM by supplying their loan originator customers with specific functionality that serves the mortgage industry.